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Welcome to Zantoria

Zantoria is a text-based RPG that is currently under development by Zakkary Segarac. There is no current date as to when the game will be released to the public, but previous donators will be contacted first for beta testing.

Zantoria is also looking for 3D graphic designers to make item and work images, as well as someone to make island maps. If interested, email Zakkary at

These rules can be changed at any point in time as The Admin, Segarac, sees fit.

By signing up to the game you agree to follow all of these rules, and any rules that are changed/added at a later date.

1) Hacking

• Do NOT hack or attempt to hack the game server (This includes rewriting the interface with anything but CSS)

• Do NOT hack any player accounts

• The punishment for hacking the game, or an account is getting banned.

• If you believe someone to be attempting to hack the game/player accounts, or if you believe someone Has hacked the game/player accounts, send a Support Ticket to the Cheat/Multi/Exploit section, or email immediately, and do not attempt to investigate it yourself

2) Bugs

• Report all bugs. Small bugs such as typos, error messages, etc... can be reported on the Bugs section of the forum, larger bugs that might be possible to exploit, or involve security should be sent in a Bug Ticket.

• Do not exploit any bugs you find. This can and will lead to removal of resources/silver/stats and/or suspension/banning, depending on the severity of the case. Additionally, do not withhold information about any bugs you have found.

• Do not encourage others to exploit or withhold information about bugs

3) General Behaviour

• This goes for all aspects of the game - Chat, Forum, Messages, etc..

• Do not encourage or incite in any way for other players to break rules under any circumstances.

• Do not give out any personal information about yourself or another person (ex.: address, phone number, e-mail, etc.)

• Do not be abusive, threatening, aggressive, etc... towards any other players

• If you feel you are being abused, send a Support Ticket and explain the situation, remember to include any forum posts, messages, chat lines, etc... that are relevant.

• Do not advertise Zantoria in a way that will make it look bad, ie. Spamming it, or breaking other website's rules about posting links. You can be punished here for doing it on other websites if it is reported.

4) Accounts

• This game has a 1 Account Per Person rule.

• You may not access other person's account, even with their permission.

• You are held responsible for any forum posts, chat lines, actions, etc... your account makes.

• Do not make account names or Guild Names/Tags with the words such as, Mod, Moderator, Admin, or anything else that may lead people to believe you are game staff, unless authorized by Segarac or Barrick.

• Additionally, do not make any account names, Guild Names/Tags that are offensive

• All emails must be valid!

5) Forum

• English language only in the forum.

• No swearing.

• No spamming the forum with pointless threads/posts.

• No promoting excessive behaviour (alcohol, drugs, etc).

• Use the correct forum for your topic. Threads can and will be moved if they are in the wrong place

• Do not post your personal referral links for other games. Only the main site for it.

• Search before posting any topic to see if it already exists. Especially in Bugs and Suggestions forums. If your post is a duplicate, it will most likely be locked or deleted. If a bug topic is locked, this means it is solved, if you think it isn't, open a new topic.

6) Chat

• Note: Guild chat is not moderated, so if you have an issue with anything said there that can't be resolved in-guild, send a Support Ticket

• English only in the chat room.

• No swearing.

• No promoting excessive behaviour (alcohol, drugs, etc).

• No offensive, overly aggresive, threatening, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate behaviour.

• Advertising in Trade Chat is only to be made in chat once every hour.

• Do not spam the chat room - This includes using more than 3 characters(letters or numbers, or symbols) at a time. Spamming also includes excessive use of CAPITALS and flooding the chat room by repeatedly posting every few seconds with no legitimate reason for doing so.

• Do not encourage other people to spam the chat room, or break any other rule. This includes things such as. "Press 111 if...."

• Do not produce links to any pornographic or otherwise, offensive, material/sites.

7) Punishments

• If you break any section of the Rules, you will be subject to punishment

• All punishments are at the staff's discretion

• Staff will not discuss another player's punishment with anyone else.

• If you feel your punishment is unfair, send a Support Ticket to the relevant sections and explain why.

• Repeated offenders will be subject to tougher punishments

8) External Trading

• NO external trading. This covers selling resources, accounts, etc... for real money or for donations to the game.

9) Bots/Macros

• These are against the rules, and anyone found to be using them can and will be subject to removal of stats/silver/resources and/or suspension/banning, depending on the severity of the case

10) Donating

• All donations are final, there will be no refunds.

• Donating should be done of your own free will, and with your own money/credit card, only use someone else's if you have their permission to do so.

Game staff reserves the right to punish players for anything that is deemed worthy of punishment, but not specifically outlined in any of the rules.

By signing up to the game you agree to follow all of these rules, and any rules that are changed/added at a later date.