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Welcome to Zantoria

Zantoria is a text-based RPG that is currently under development by Zakkary Segarac. There is no current date as to when the game will be released to the public, but previous donators will be contacted first for beta testing.

Zantoria is also looking for 3D graphic designers to make item and work images, as well as someone to make island maps. If interested, email Zakkary at


Zantoria is a Text Based game, this means you play the game using text links,
not a 3D character that you can move around the screen.

Zantoria has hundreds of players that can train 10 skills,
use over 100 items, and explore 13 towns!

Segarac and Barrick do their best to bring new features into Zantoria
thus keeping the game fun for Staff, and more importantly; The Players!