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Welcome to Zantoria

Zantoria is a text-based RPG that is currently under development by Zakkary Segarac. There is no current date as to when the game will be released to the public, but previous donators will be contacted first for beta testing.

Zantoria is also looking for 3D graphic designers to make item and work images, as well as someone to make island maps. If interested, email Zakkary at

Progress Update - Summer 201224/06/12 - 00:11 | Posted By: Segarac

Alrighty, so I've now got a basic work timer functioning thanks to Uncool Tie's timer template, the manual is now also almost finished, complete with almost all images for items in the game.

There are still a few things I need to figure out still, but now that the summer is here it will give me a bunch of free time to continue the development of Zantoria.


Still Working15/02/12 - 23:48 | Posted By: Segarac

Alrighty, so as of right now I am completing the manual for the game first just as a basic layout/scheme of how the game will function.
I plan to add at least 3-4 islands before the game is even released for beta testing.
I'm also still learning the javascript/ajax parts of coding, so it may take a while before I get anything useful going.
In addition to writing the manual, I'll also be doing an overhaul of the forum layout, the guild page and the options and quests page.

Think you could help Zantoria development?
Contact me at


A Year Later...13:00 | Posted By: Segarac

As many of you know, Zantoria has been down for over a year now. I want to bring it back with new jQuery javascript framework instead of the Prototype framework I was going to use before. I have asked many people, and from what I've heard jQuery is a lot easier and more dynamic than Prototype.

So far I have the homepage done, the in-game layout done, the first island map done, and many of the in-game items done as well.

I have also still kept track of donations and everyone who has donated to the Zantoria server funds will be re-accredited should they choose to play again.

I'm really looking forward to bringing Zantoria back, and I hope the rest of you will be excited for the beta when I release it to the public.


Server Upgrade / Game Changes03/07/09 - 01:39 | Posted By: Segarac

Hello everyone.

Today we switched to a dedicated server for Zantoria. At this moment the game is working in a proper fashion.

Now, onto another note..

Zantoria WILL be switching to timers.
I am sorry for all signed up players because I know this is not what you signed up for, but it is crucial for the game.

There will NOT be a reset however, so you will be able to keep your levels.

There is no set date on when this will be implemented, but we will keep you posted.

Thank you for understanding,
Segarac and Rashidi

Then there were two01/07/09 - 01:32 | Posted By: Segarac

So our admin Barrick has told us that he quit.
So from now on it will just be Rashidi, and I.

Don't really know what else to add.


Dedicated Server30/06/09 - 01:30 | Posted By: Segarac

Alright, we found a pretty good dedicated server that we are wanting for Zantoria. :)

It costs $85 per month (USD)
We only have about $60 from donations and ads.

So we need $25 to buy this server for July.
Ten we can open registrations and hopefully we will get more donators for Zantoria to keep the game alive. :)

We would really appreciate you thinking about donating.

The Admin Team

New Admin, Rashidi26/06/09 - 02:39 | Posted By: Segarac

We have some good news!

Today we have the great pleasure of introducing another Admin to the game.
Not only will he be around for you to bug, but he also has a few years of experience with coding.
This means more, and better updates and features for Zantoria.

We have some nice things planned for Zantoria in the future, and this addition to the Admin team will bring us further. :)

Please give Rashidi a warm welcome if you see him in chat.

Segarac, Barrick and Rashidi

Server Upgrade20/06/09 - 16:10 | Posted By: Segarac

Hello all! :)

So, as some of you may know Zantoria is getting pretty popular, and we want to be able to accept new members; but we can't right now because of the low-grade server we are currently using.

Barrick and I really want to upgrade to a new server so we can get more players, and so you don't get that annoying "Cannot Connect" message.

We can't do this alone though, and we need the help from you players. We would strongly appreciate if you could donate to Zantoria. Even if it's only $1 it still helps us get closer to the price of a new, better server.

Please think about donating.
Segarac & Barrick

New Updates13/06/09 - 18:27 | Posted By: Barrick

Alright, here is some new news. Here is what was updated;

-New island started
-You can edit your forum post
-Corn Seed added
-Stingray added
-New thing in extra stats if you have donated 2 dollars.
-Hp regain, 1 every 10 minutes.

Look forward to more updates. Like;

-More towns
-New items
-Monster exp reduced to be equal with other skills.

Server and More24/05/09 - 16:33 | Posted By: Barrick

We did transfer to a new server, but after trying to use it, we found it buggy. And we had to switch back to the old one.

You will get those connection errors, so I ask the players that go afk to logout, and close Zantoria when they're not using it, so other players can get on.

Corn seeds were added, so were Stingrays. Look forward to more stuff added to Zantoria.

For a news feed or Zantoria, check

For a To-Do List that shows what has been added and what hasn't, check

Segarac and Barrick.